Taking Care of Your Metal Jewelry

Taking Care of Your Metal Jewelry

taking care of gold plated jewelry

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Each piece from Elizabeth Lanier Designs is uniquely designs and handmade by yours truly! I want you to be perfectly satisfied with each of my creations and that involves having your jewelry last a long time. 

In order to keep your jewelry in top shape you must treat it with care. Always put your jewelry on last. This means it should go on after your perfume, hairspray, etc. so that you can minimize the amount of stuff that gets on your baubles. On top of your TLC here are a few of my favorite upkeep products.

Anti-Tarnish Strips -- use these in the compartments where you store your jewelry. This will help slow down the tarnish process on your most expensive or inexpensive pieces. 

Baublerella Glove -- For when your jewelry tarnishes. This glove is easy to use, store, and works great! Simply rub down your jewelry while wearing the glove and watch it transform before your eyes!

Shammy Cloths -- if you need to clean your jewelry use warm (not hot!), soapy water to gently cleanse.


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